Map Shopping

If you decide to go for shopping in Italy, it is not always necessary to go only in Rimini (which selects the majority of Russian) or only in Milan (which is touted as the capital of fashion). It is those who chose the wrong city shopping, and then write negative reviews on forums, which often look like this: "In Milan, all the expensive boutiques here in exactly the same things you can buy. In some cheap rags Rimini, for which there is no point in Italy and go. " I made a comparative review of shopping in different cities of Italy in Milan, Rome, Rimini, Florence, Bologna, Sicily, in order for you to decide where you go (this review is compiled based on data from personal shopper, who work for me in those regions). Notice that I highlighted the characteristics of shopping in these cities. First of all, it is important to understand that Italy is divided into 3 parts, which I'll be here mention: the north – Milan, Venice, Florence, Bologna, Turin Centre – Rome, Rimini, San Marino (this is true technically a different country) south – Bari, Naples, Sicily, Sardinia a few important facts: The region south of Italy, the cheaper the cost things, but the lower range, lower-quality things than the north region, the more luxury brands can be found in the outlet, shops in the south of Italy coats will be more expensive than in the center and north, as climate in the north cool to the south of Italy you can find a greater choice of swimwear than in the north (again because of the climate and there are a factory for sewing bathing suits). In central Italy (Marche region) is where most of the Italian factories production of shoes and handbags Villages (shopping centers with year-round discounts) are located in all regions of Italy, near to almost all cities everywhere in major cities in the central squares are boutiques with the things of the past collections. .

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